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Virtual Home Tour

Solved: Common Mistakes Made in a Virtual Home Tour

Perfect Your Virtual Home Tour We live in a technology-driven world. And for the most part, this is awesome! Technology can make inconvenient tasks more convenient, slow activities faster, and boring events more fun. For example, virtual home tours. Your … Read More

Interactive Marketing Tool

How an Interactive Marketing Tool Can Improve the Homebuying Process

Using an Interactive Marketing Tool to Improve Real Estate By using HomeTagz, brokers, teams, and agents can access the most powerful real estate interactive marketing tool on the market today.  Real estate agents can enhance the property’s marketability by collaborating … Read More

Interactive Home Tour

The Benefits of Creating an Interactive Home Tour

Creating an Interactive Home Tour with HomeTagz The world of real estate is constantly evolving. Before, selling a house required people to visit the location. Now, you can do the entire transaction from start to finish through the power of … Read More

Real Estate Technology

Real Estate Technology: Using HomeTagz Technology for Vacation Rentals

Making Your Vacation Rentals Digital with Real Estate Technology Offering your vacation rental home to renters can raise a lot of questions. If you’re overwhelmed with how to boost your vacation property business, you’ve come to the right place. From … Read More

Real Estate Technology

Using Real Estate Technology Tools to Replace Archaic Print Marketing

Replace Print Marketing with this Real Estate Technology The real estate market in 2021 isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Before you start feverishly printing flyers and spending thousands of dollars on print material, it’s time to read up … Read More

Digital Marketing Real Estate

The Complete Guide to Easy Digital Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Digital Marketing for Real Estate Agents Advances in information technology and the rise of the internet have caused a major shift in real estate marketing. 78% of all real estate searches now start through a search engine with Google, taking … Read More

Interactive Real Estate Software

The Interactive Listing Software Every Real Estate Agent Needs

Interactive Real Estate Software Helping Agents Create a Better Buying Process A report by Business Insider showed the real estate industry recorded an increase in the number of house sales in 2020 amidst the pandemic. The Bloomberg also reported the … Read More

Real Estate Transactions

How One Tool Can Improve Every Real Estate Transaction

Improve Real Estate Transactions with this Tool A real estate transaction doesn’t have to be complicated if you use the right techniques to make it simple for all parties involved in the process. Communication and convenience are vital, but it’s … Read More

Interactive Real Estate Tool

Real Estate Agents can use the HomeTagz Tool to Create Engaging Listings

Create Engaging Listings with an Interactive Real Estate Tool The HomeTagz tool is an interactive real estate tool that can transform a short and static real estate internet listing into a dynamic and engaging environment. By highlighting a home’s features, … Read More

Real Estate Tool

How Real Estate Agents Can Give Homebuyers All the Details they Want

How a Real Estate Tool can Help Agents Selling a home can be an overwhelming and stressful endeavor because several steps are involved in the process. These steps include marketing and dressing up your home, naming the price, home inspections, receiving … Read More