Real Estate Technology: Using HomeTagz Technology for Vacation Rentals

Real Estate Technology

Making Your Vacation Rentals Digital with Real Estate Technology

Offering your vacation rental home to renters can raise a lot of questions. If you’re overwhelmed with how to boost your vacation property business, you’ve come to the right place. From tagging photos to show off your home’s unique amenities and luxuries, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about the latest in real estate technology.

We’ll go over how to take detailed photos and how to showcase your property. You want to give your renters as much detail as possible, to answer any questions they may have during their stay. It’s time to ditch the vacation rental binders and give renters all of the information they need, right at their fingertips. 

Utilize Private Mode 

HomeTagz recently released a new feature, private mode. This new feature allows agents to protect a property with a pin code. This allows vacation rental properties to be visible to only select parties, preventing sensitive information from being publicly visible.

The new private mode feature in HomeTagz benefits everyone involved and allows vacation rental owners to leave the vacation binder a thing of the past. Usually, vacation rentals keep a binder around that includes information a renter may need during their stay. 

Rental homeowners constantly get questions about WIFI passwords, pool instructions, and other amenity-related questions. With the private mode in HomeTagz, owners can put all of that information in a password-protected property.

Provide Information for Your Home’s Best Features

Vacation rentals are different than an everyday home. A vacation home has unique features people look for while traveling. This is where HomeTagz comes in with real estate technology to bring these features virtual. 

If you have a washer and dryer, for example, you’ll want to tag this feature for renters. On vacation with small children, it’s a huge bonus to have a washer and dryer in the rental. You can wash clothes quickly and dry bathing suits and towels after a long day at the beach. 

If your home offers a great outdoor or yard space, let renters know that it is available for their use. Renters love a place to eat outside on vacation, taking in a view or enjoying time in nature. 

Real Estate Technology

The amenities in a vacation home are everything to a renter. If someone is renting your home, they want to know all the luxuries that come with it. Whether it’s an in-ground pool or a private beach, show off your home’s amenities. As previously mentioned, rental homeowners can put all the information a renter needs to know by using HomeTagz and avoid common questions.

If you’re near a beach you can show photos of paths to get down to the water, outdoor showers, and a mudroom with towels and beach toys for renters to use. Tag anything that makes life easier for a renter with this real estate technology.

Choose photos that show off all the little details your home has to offer. From robes in the bathrooms to phone chargers and water bottles by the bed, any little extras will help your guests feel more comfortable in their vacation rental.

Answer Questions Ahead of Time

Renters and vacation homeowners spend a lot of time asking and answering questions. Renters may want to know more information about the home or details regarding amenities. With HomeTagz, you can eliminate a lot of the questions back and forth.

With details pointed out for renters, all their questions are answered. Renters will know all the cool features your home offers and more. You can tag photos of portable cribs, car seats, and kitchen utensils available for renters to use, for example.

Having detailed information, photos, and tags will give renters all the information they need to know. The more details they have the more likely they will enjoy their stay in a vacation rental home. 

Using HomeTagz Technology for Your Vacation Rentals

Using HomeTagz for your vacation rentals will help owners replace the stale rental binder. With HomeTagz, owners can point out all amenities and activities their vacation rental home has to offer. And, owners can answer common questions a renter may have. 

To learn more about the HomeTagz technology, contact us to schedule a free demo and speak with a HomeTagz professional. Make the vacation rental home process more enjoyable for everyone.

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