How it Works

How It Works

When brokers, teams, and agents use HomeTagz™, they gain access to the most powerful real estate tool available. Build trust with sellers by collaborating, wow buyers by improving the overall marketability of the property. Simplify the process of providing important details that buyers need to make a well-informed decision. By tagging all the details throughout the property with HomeTagz™, you provide a unique virtual homebuying experience that will ‘wow’ clients! Build campaigns, track analytics, and get instant feedback from homebuyers.


HomeTagz™ patent pending technology is surprisingly easy to use. It’s intuitive and offers endless possibilities for sharing and viewing details about any property. Our unique tagging software works great for homes, condos, land, commercial, industrial properties, and more.

View an Example HomeTagz™ Property Now!

Point the camera on your phone over this QR code to view an example HomeTagz™ property. Take a virtual tour yourself and see all the useful features just as your buyer would see them. There's unlimited space to add a welcome video, video tours, photos, documents. and more! You can tag unlimited items throughout the property to give buyers all the details they want to know.

Request a Demo

Hometagz™ invites you to schedule a demo with our team. Request a time that works with your schedule and we will provide all of the details. During your demo, you can expect a thorough review of all the features and benefits available when integrating Hometagz™ technology with your real estate listings. Learn how to enhance every real estate transaction with this premier tool!

Our easy-to-use software is affordable and we even offer a free plan so you can try it yourself.

Enhanced Virtual Home Tours

With Hometagz™, potential buyers can easily view a property through search sites, social media posts and links, and QR codes. These are unique for every listing and give buyers the chance to envision the home without even walking through the front door. It's also the perfect tool to show all the details and features of a home during a home tour and allows homebuyers to favorite the property so they can revisit it after a viewing.

A Truly Interactive Experience for Homebuyers

When buyers are taking an in person tour, Hometagz can be accessed to create an interactive experience. HomeTagz™ allows agents to create welcome videos, which help customize a property’s digital curb appeal and ultimately set the tone for each and every showing.

Anything Throughout a Property can be Tagged with Every Detail!

As buyers tour a home, they can quickly access engaging and interactive content on-demand right on their phone. This is done with HomeTagz™ tagging system, These tags communicate details including, Features, Disclosures, General Information, and Items for sale.

You Can Tag Anything in a HomeTagz™ Property



Features that might be included using the blue tags:


  • Remodels with before and after photos
  • Upgraded appliances over what’s standard like 21 SEER AC units
  • Workmanship/Material call-outs like handcrafted stair railing built from solid Cherry hardwood
  • New items with warranties like windows replaced with a lifetime transferable warranty


Info that might be included using white tags could be:


  • Important info like when the chimney was last swept or when maintenance was done on the garage door
  • Appliance details like if the kitchen appliances or washer and dryer come with the property
  • Material info like paint color is Sherwin Williams KL8753


Required disclosures can be included with red tags:


  • Details that must be disclosed to buyers like when foundation work was completed
  • Show repairs, invoices, and receipts showing that disclosures items were properly handled.

  • Items not included in the sale like if the 60″ flat screen TV is not included in the sale


Items for sale can be included with green tags such as:


  • Pool table for sale with exact dimensions and description
  • TV for sale with built-in surround sound and type of audio cable
  • Specific items of furniture that may fit the house
  • Available add-ons like the lawn mower or snow blower

Give Homebuyers All the Property Information they Want

Within these tags sellers and agents can add a variety of supporting documents like receipts and invoices, warranty info, floor plans, before and after photos and more. This transparency and efficient form of communication gives buyers everything they could want or need, right at their fingertips.

Built-in Digital Marketing Tools for Real Estate Agents

Agents love HomeTagz™ because it empowers them to create a unique and focused marketing plan for each of their listings. These robust digital marketing campaigns include tracking and reporting details so it’s easy to stay up-to-date and update your sellers on progress.

Use HomeTagz™ to Elevate Your Property Listings

Buyers are confident when they know everything there is to know about their future home. It means fewer surprises, and a smoother real estate transaction. Let’s change the real estate landscape, and create a better experience for everyone involved, register for free today!

HomeTagz™ is Trusted by Brokers.​

What Customers Are Saying

Real estate agents, sellers, and homebuyers love using HomeTagz™ because it adds so much value to the entire experience of buying and selling a home.

"Amazing tool for listing agents and buyer agents as well as consumers! Highlights everything you want to highlight without the restrictions of limited characters. Also tracks analytics, and interactive so users can browse as they want to (not like a virtual tour wants you to!) So excited to have this tool in my tool belt. Clients love!!
👍 💯 🌟 🏆
Well done, HomeTagz™!!"
Website Testimonial Photo_Angie Guard
Angie Garard
Real Estate Agent
“HomeTagz™ has been a game changer for our business! Having the ability to leverage the technology and create complete transparency between buyer, seller, and agents has resulted in a win/win for everyone! HomeTagz™ is the future of digital marketing for the real estate industry!”
Josh Monteith
Joshua Monteith
Real Estate Broker/Owner
“I’ve been a Realtor for 15 years and have never seen a marketing product that could supply an experience to buyers as they walk through the home! Not only does it allow the seller to take a virtual tour with buyer, but the massive disclosure of info eliminates a lot of questions that agents usually have to figure out. ...This is one piece of tech I want in my arsenal moving forward in real estate!”
Kory Seitz
Kory Seitz
Real Estate Agent

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