How a Real Estate Tool Can Connect Home Buyers and Home Sellers

How a Real Estate Tool Can Connect Home Buyers and Home Sellers

April 2021 saw a 32% increase in home sales from April 2020. Many buyers, however, are having a hard time finding available and affordable homes.

Existing homes are in high demand and short supply. This trend doesn’t look like it’s slowing down any time soon.

Today’s home buyers want accurate information at the push of a button. Sellers want to have control over listing info. Realtors want effective, hassle-free marketing.

How can everyone get what they want in today’s real estate market? Keep reading to discover how one real estate tool can up your real estate marketing game.

The Virtual Tour Advantage

Listings with virtual tours get 87% more views than those without. Advances in 3D technology make virtual showings increasingly accurate.

Buyers who are able to see homes via virtual tours will be able to cast a wider net with their search. It’s much easier to tour three homes from your couch than drive around to three house showings.

Homebuyers who take virtual tours seem to be spending less time visiting homes in person. This saves real estate agents time. Fewer in-person showings mean less stress for home sellers as well.

Home sellers benefit from virtual tours as well. There’s no need to quickly leave their home to make way for an in-person showing.

In-Person Tours Are Still Valuable

Technology has helped the real estate business but it’s not a true replacement for face-to-face visits.

Very few people buy a home without seeing it first. Virtual tours aren’t eliminating the need for in-person home tours. Potential buyers can’t judge the structure of a home without an on-site visit.

Buyers need to check out things like natural light and neighborhood safety. These things are difficult if not impossible from a computer or smartphone.

Scheduled showings and open houses aren’t going anywhere. Buyers are used to navigating technology to find and explore current listings. Chances are, they already know a lot about the property before they see it.

Providing buyers with additional information while they are touring will definitely keep their attention. A specialized QR code adds an informative way to keep buyers interested.

The QR Code Convenience

QR codes were slow to catch on in the United States. Part of the reason American’s didn’t embrace the new technology? Many didn’t have it yet.

Smartphones were not as commonplace. Those who did have smartphones needed third-party apps to read QR codes.

Fast forward to present times when 85% of Americans have a smartphone. Most smartphones don’t require a third-party app to read QR codes. 

The results? In 2020, 11 million American households were scanning a QR code. QR codes should be a staple in your real estate toolkit. Buyers will appreciate the convenience of scanning a code to get all the info they.

The HomeTagz Advantage

QR code technology like HomeTagz allows sellers to highlight the best things about their homes. HomeTagz makes real estate marketing simple and effective.

Real estate agents set up a home profile using easy drag and drop technology. The realtor collaborates with sellers to tag important upgrades, improvements, and relevant info.

With a quick QR code scan, buyers can find the info they need and take a tour. They can ask questions in real-time while walking through the home. It feels like the current homeowners are giving them a private home tour.

After the showing, potential buyers leave feedback about the listing. Realtors and their collaborators (sellers) can view the feedback right away. No more waiting for email survey feedback forms.

Where to Put the QR Codes

Placing the QR code inside the home lets potential buyers learn and ask questions while they tour the home. Consider some other great places for a HomeTagz QR code.

QR codes can be on flyers, brochures, websites, and social media. Sharing a HomeTagz QR code will reach younger crowds.

Making the Process Fun

Over one-third of people selling their homes cry from stress caused by the process. Twenty percent claim they’ve been brought to tears up to five times!

Real estate agents understand the stress of home buying and home selling. But how can they make the process easier on their clients?

Embracing new and exciting real estate marketing strategies is a great way to let off some steam. Home sellers will love tagging their homes’ highlights. Homebuyers will have fun scanning QR codes!

HomeTagz gives some fresh fun to a stressful process.

The Perfect Real Estate Tool for Home Sellers

HomeTagz combines the convenience of a QR code and a virtual tour. This handy real estate tool highlights homes’ key features while keeping buyers engaged.

Realtors can work with sellers to feature their favorite things about their homes. Buyers who use HomeTagz QR codes will feel like the seller is giving them a personal home tour. Homebuyers will stay engaged by asking questions in real-time.

HomeTagz gives real estate pros an informative and easy real estate tool. Realtors save time by giving potential buyers a way to tour homes virtually. Real estate agents can expand their pipeline by answering buyers’ real-time questions.

Stand Out to Home Sellers and Home Buyers

HomeTagz helps real estate agents appeal to homeowners and homebuyers. This real estate tool brings technology and in-person experiences together. HomeTagz can help make the home buying and home selling process more fun.

We have affordable monthly plans for one listing or up to 25 listings. Check out our website to learn how you can use HomeTagz to up your real estate game!

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