Level up your listings

Use HomeTagz to create high quality listings

So you have mastered the basics of creating HomeTagz listings, now it’s time to level up! Tell the story of the home and it’s best features by adding additional information to Feature Tags. Earlier this year we launched several new benefits of using HomeTagz. Including the suggested Feature Tag and the option to automatically generate custom property descriptions.

Now you can also craft descriptions for your feature tags in just a few clicks. This saves time and creates a better experience for buyers. Creating robust Feature Tags means that in addition to uploading documents, photos and videos to a tag, you can also include important details that may otherwise be excluded from a listing. For example, if your listing has a backyard with all of the bells and whistles, you could add a Feature Tag to help buyers appreciate this. Thoughtful details, clever design, high end materials, warranty information and interesting historical information are all excellent information to showcase in a Feature Tag.

Ready to give it a try? Here’s how:

  1. Log into to HomeTagz.com or create your free account
  2. Click “New Property” 
  3. Then click “Images/ Rooms” in the left hand column
  4. Then in the grey box on the right hand side drag and drop your photos or click to upload
  5. Once your photos are uploaded select one and under “Feature Suggestions.” On the right hand side you will see suggested tags.
  6. Click “Add Tag” 
    1. Choose to edit and add more details. On the right under “AI Assist” you can add additional keywords and click “Run” which will generate will have the option to add more details or just click save.
  7. Now your newly added tag will appear on your listing photo.

Get started at HomeTagz.com.

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