How Real Estate Agents can Build Stronger Deals in Any Housing Market

How Real Estate Agents can Build Stronger Deals in Any Housing Market

You’ve passed your real estate license exam. You’ve made your business cards and brochures. Now the phone calls start rolling in, right?

Not exactly. There’s a lot of money to be made in real estate, but there’s also a lot of competition. Realtors need to build strong deals in any market.

So how do real estate agents keep their businesses running in different housing markets? Keep reading to find out.

1. Find Successful Real Estate Agents

The booming real estate industry is showing no signs of slowing down soon. So why aren’t all realtors flooded with showings and deals? In many US markets, there are more realtors than active listings. 

To succeed as a realtor, you need to be smart about your strategies. Whether your market is booming or crawling, you can learn from others around you. Find out what successful agents in your area doing, and try it.

Seek out a mentor to help you build successful strategies. Ask if you can come along to some of their open houses or showings. Take note of what they do to cultivate and keep a client base.

There’s no need for you to reinvent the wheel if someone is already rolling down the highway. You just need to learn how.

2. Connect With Your Community

Do more than mail out flyers with your contact info. Join a community volunteer effort. Build houses with an organization like Habitat for Humanity.

Help organize a neighborhood picnic or block party. Sponsor a float for your local parade. Better yet, sponsor a community sports team.

Community involvement helps you build genuine relationships with your neighbors. It also helps others see the human side of you. These interactions help you be seen as a person, not just the “Hey, let me sell your house” guy or gal.

Being involved in your community gives you a sense of ownership. You’re not just buying and selling homes anymore, you’re helping your friends and neighbors. This creates trust among you and your potential clients.

3. Create a Community

Who are the other professionals in your area? If you haven’t already, reach out to local chambers of commerce or mixer events.

If you haven’t found any meetups for area real estate professionals, create one! Invite local business owners to join you.

Forming professional partnerships in your area will increase your name recognition. In a booming or slow-moving market, you’ll be in the know about local deals in real estate.

Creating a professional community helps you keep a pulse on your local market. You’ll also build professional relationships that could be mutually beneficial.

4. Write a Newsletter

Now that you have contacts from all your community involvement, reach out regularly. Create a newsletter with real estate tidbits or new local real estate news.

Include a QR code or link to your favorite listings. Put a link to a fun quiz in your newsletter.

Talk about average home prices in the area. Inform your audience about the current real estate environment.

Always link to your website and your listings. Be sure to include pictures or virtual tours. Home sellers and buyers love virtual tours!

5. Embrace New Technology

Speaking of virtual tours, they are just one piece of many tech advances for real estate agents. Virtual tours are a great way for homebuyers to view a property before seeing it in person.

Messenger bots are a great way to instantly connect with your clients. Your assistant bot can answer FAQs and schedule showings any time of the day or night. It can also send additional listing videos and photos.

It’s not enough to be on social media. You need an intentional plan. Create an account and post regularly. Get your website and listings, and e-newsletter out to more people via social media.

Don’t be afraid to pay for social media ads. This will get you a lot more exposure.

Crack the QR Code

Find new technology and brag about it! Specialized QR codes, like HomeTagz, are a great example. HomeTagz allows you and the home sellers to set up a home profile. Together, you can add updates or highlights to the home profile.

When potential buyers tour the home, they scan or tap the HomeTagz QR code. Instantly, helpful tags pop up to give the buyer more home info. It’s organized and helpful.

Potential homebuyers can ask questions about the property in real-time. You can use HomeTagz to answer or add info while they are still viewing it.

6. Get Feedback

One of the most helpful tools you can have is client feedback. This is easier said than done. Many people don’t want through the hassle of filling out a paper or email form hours or days after their showing.

With HomeTagz, you can ask and get feedback right away. It’s easy, convenient, and fun.

As a professional, you need to be able to take the feedback and act on it. What are people saying about your properties or sales style? Don’t be too proud to make changes as you need to.

Succeed in Any Real Estate Market

You can be successful in any real estate market by learning from successful real estate agents. You should also be involved and invest in your community.

Reach out to your pipeline with email newsletters. Include links to your favorite listings and other helpful community info.

Technology isn’t just your friend, it’s a necessity. Learn how to use the latest apps and programs. Advertise your successes on social media.

Get creative by using HomeTagz. HomeTagz will make potential buyers feel like home sellers are giving them a personal tour.

Learn more about how HomeTagz can help you keep your real estate game strong in any market. Check out our website or send us an email at

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