How HomeTagz Increases Buyer Confidence

How HomeTagz Increases Buyer Confidence

Bring the strongest buyers to your listing

Over the past several years the competitive market has made some buyers wary to purchase a home. Maybe they have tried to make an offer and had it rejected or struggled to find a home that fit their wants and needs before it was swept up by other offers. Now that interest rates have risen and more homes are on the market, it’s the perfect chance for sellers to list and attract the perfect buyer. And the easier you make it for buyers to virtually tour and see all the best details of your listing, the better chance they will be willing to make a strong offer.

So how can you help increase buyer confidence and assure them that your listing is the perfect home for them? HomeTagz makes it easy to create a robust and interactive listing so before a buyer ever steps foot in a home, they can gain as much information as possible. This is also a great opportunity to set the tone for the entire transaction and show that you and your sellers have set the tone for an equitable and honest transaction. Leverage these three tools to help ensure the best possible experience for all parties involved.

  1. Make the most of the disclosure tags
    While a sales disclosure is a requirement in almost every state, HomeTagz makes it easy for sellers to visually indicate any disclosures right on the listing pictures. Even better, sellers can upload proof of invoice or repairs maximizing the transparency for all parties involved.

  2. Create a welcome video
    Welcome videos are displayed when a buyer first accesses your listing. They help customize a property’s digital curb appeal and ultimately set the tone for each and every showing. If you have a unique property a welcome video can be especially helpful to tell the story of the home and peak buyers interest.

  3. Maximize attachments
    In addition to tags, HomeTagz has unlimited storage to add documents, photos and videos. Invoices, receipts, pre-inspection, blueprints – attachments make it easy to share information. Buyers will feel confident that they have all of the information they need to make an offer.
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