Boost your listing’s traffic

Attract buyers using HomeTagz

With higher interest rates and more homes available for sale, you may have some listings that are not getting the traffic you would expect. This could be due to many factors but maybe one of them is that buyers are missing the best features of the home. Before reducing the price, try creating a HomeTagz listing and see if you can attract a new pool of buyers. When creating your HomeTagz listing, here are some important details to keep in mind.

  1. Tag the important details that you think buyers may be overlooking
    What are the best features of your listing? It’s possible that they are being overlooked by buyers. Add tags to highlight these details and any supporting pictures and documentation to help them stand out.

  2. Create Custom Links
    Create custom links to share on social media, your website – anywhere you think buyers see your listings. As you discover which links are used you can focus your efforts on those channels. 

  3. Add a welcome video
    Welcome videos are displayed when a buyer first accesses your listing. They help customize a property’s digital curb appeal and ultimately set the tone for each and every showing. If you have a unique property a welcome video can be especially helpful to tell the story of the home and peak buyers interest.
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