Save time with HomeTagz

Save time with HomeTagz

Take back your time with a complete listing

The end of 2022 is quickly approaching, as are many opportunities to share and enjoy moments with friends, family and clients. Part of being a Realtor means staying reachable and connected, however, finding time to disconnect and relax is important for everyone. Save time with HomeTagz by creating a complete listing. Buyers and their agents will be able to find the answers to many of their questions without having to ask you each time. Here are three tools to leverage to save you time and questions:

  1. Tags
    Upload your listing photos and click anywhere to add dynamic tags. Then, within each tag addition information such as photos, documents, links can be added. Best of all, anything can be tagged, from Features to Information to Disclosures to Items for sale inside the home. 
  2. Seller Collaboration
    Get your sellers involved to create your HomeTagz listings. Sellers can add tags with valuable information and insights from having lived in the home. This also gives sellers an opportunity to add attachments and details directly that otherwise may not have been shared.
  3. Welcome video
    Create a memorable virtual experience by creating a welcome video to play when a buyer first accesses your listing. This is a great opportunity to welcome them to the home, as you would during a showing or an open house.

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