Create a five star experience for your sellers

Leverage HomeTagz technology to create a better experience for sellers

The real estate market is always changing. As we shift away from the red hot sellers market of the last two plus years and into a more balanced pattern, successfully marketing homes has become important once again. Sellers’ expectations are high. In addition, competition among real estate agents is fierce and the digital experience for buyers is more important than ever. In addition, the type of marketing efforts a real estate should be relying on has changed from pre-pandemic standards.

So where should a real estate agent start? By creating a free account on HomeTagz is the perfect tool to show sellers that you go above and beyond the industry norm. It should be a highlight in your listing presentation. Download this complimentary one page flyer which can be printed and shared with sellers to help them understand the added value of HomeTagz.

Follow these four talking points to show sellers how HomeTagz will improve their experience of selling a home:

1. Seller Collaboration: Sellers feel pride about their home and want to be sure that buyers don’t miss the best features. Make sure your sellers know that by listing with you, if they want, they can be a part of creating their listing.

2. Show Property Value: Unlike a standard MLS listing, a HomeTagz makes it easy to add interactive tags on the features of a home which add value. Differences such as the type of flooring, appliances, age and maintenance records of major systems all can impact the value of a home but is not typically shared in a typical real estate listing.

3. Create Transparency: A transparent real estate transaction creates a better experience for all parties involved. Sharing as much information as possible with buyers ensures fewer surprises later on in the transaction.

4. Answer Buyers Questions: A complete HomeTagz listing allows the sellers agent to gather and share as much information about a home in the listing as possible. This should answer many buyer questions directly, saving time for both the seller and their agent.

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