Fine Tune Your Listing Marketing Strategy

HomeTagz Listing Marketing Strategy

Be more intentional with your marketing efforts before the end of 2022

As Interest rates and inflation climb, the market begins to stabilizes and the end of the year quickly approaches, it’s a great time to step back and assess your listing marketing strategy. In other words, how and where you are spending your budget. Mailers, emails, social media, print materials, online advertisement, pop bys, billboards, client events – the options are endless – so how do you choose? 

The key lies in being able to accurately assess which efforts are bringing you business. Not every activity is easy to track but we developed HomeTagz to create transparency. Not only for sellers, buyers and buyers agents but also so listings agents can clearly identify where buyers are seeing their listings. A better experience for all parties involved is achieved using a robust dashboard, customizable links and QR codes. 

Here is how real estate listing agents can leverage these tools to track the results of their listing marketing strategy:

  1. Analytics Dashboard: Each HomeTagz listing has an easy to use dashboard where information from the links and QR codes you create are gathered. Utilize this dashboard to test which efforts are being used by buyers and which can be eliminated.
  2. Custom Links: Create custom links to share on social media, your website – anywhere you think buyers see your listings. Then, it’s easy to understand which links are used and focus your effort and budget on those channels. 
  3. QR Codes: Create QR codes for your listing signs, riders, display inside your listing on a sign or on printed materials. Just like links, you can track the number of times a QR code is scanned to see if buyers are engaging with the materials it’s displayed on.

Contact us for more information on how to leverage HomeTagz for your business.

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