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HomeTagz creates interactive real estate listings

Create an interactive real estate experience for your clients with HomeTagz

Whether you are just starting your career in real estate or have been working in the industry for many years, the key to thriving is in learning how to adapt. The real estate industry is always evolving. In the last 10 years, some of the biggest changes have come in technological developments. From electronic signatures to virtual tours, the future of real estate lies in creating a streamlined and interactive experience for home buyers. HomeTagz is the perfect tool to achieve this. In addition, HomeTagz demonstrates to sellers that you go above and beyond for their clients.

Here are three ways in which HomeTagz elevates the experience of selling a home: 

  1. Support listing price: HomeTagz helps support a listing price by tagging all of the important details which could be easily overlooked in standard photos. Feature upgrades, unique and high-end details, warranty information and share disclosures (such as invoices and estimates).
  2. Creates transparency: HomeTagz has a variety of tools designed to highlight the unique features of each property. Interactive virtual tours, custom QR codes, instant feedback – and more – clients will remember how HomeTagz improved their real estate experience.
  3. Saves time and frustration: Capture all information and documents for a property at the time of listing and upload it to HomeTagz. Sellers can even collaborate and add details directly. This saves time and frustration for all parties – including buyers.
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