Create engaging real estate listings

Create engaging real estate listings

HomeTagz makes it easy to impress your clients

For the past several years, the housing market has been booming. Currently sellers are seeing great returns and competition between buyers is fierce. Real estate agents are also experiencing strong competition among other agents to win listings. So how can a Real Estate Broker stand out and impress potential clients? HomeTagz.

Here are three ways that HomeTagz can set your real estate listings apart from the competition:

Interactive features: HomeTagz offers four different types of tags (Features, Information, Disclosures, Items For Sale) to which text descriptions, attachments and photos or videos can be included in your real estate listings photos. Everything and anything can be tagged and there is no storage limit. This helps save time by providing answers to many buyers questions directly. In addition, as questions come up once the listing is live, you can modify the listing to add tags to respond to these questions directly.

Unlimited attachments: HomeTagz has unlimited storage to add documents. Blueprints, upgrades, repair receipts – the sky’s the limit. Including as much relevant information about the home as possible will create a sense of transparency with buyers and encourage them to submit their strongest offers as to not miss out on the great opportunity.

Detailed Analytics: With HomeTagz it’s easy to see which of your marketing efforts is producing results and share this information with your clients. Different links and track where buyers are seeing your real estate listings and adjust your strategy accordingly.

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