Make the most of the current seller’s market

HomeTagz Seller's Market

Leverage HomeTagz to attract the strongest offers

We are currently in a seller’s market, but what exactly does that mean? According to National Association of Realtors (NAR), a 6-month supply of homes is necessary for a normal or neutral market where there are enough homes available for active buyers. However, currently in the United States, there’s only about a 2-month supply of homes. This clearly indicates a strong seller’s market. 

So, as mortgage rates and home prices climb, serious buyers are motivated to make their purchase soon. A complete HomeTagz listing is critical in helping your seller attract the strongest offers and maximize the return on their investment. Here are three HomeTagz tools which can make all the difference:

  1. Seller Collaboration: By allowing your sellers to collaborate with you on their HomeTagz listing, you not only gain their expertise on their home but also their assistance in adding tags. Instead of your seller contacting you to make adjustments to their listing, they can make the updates directly. As the listing agent, you always have the option to review any changes before they go live. As a result, your seller will be confident that their home is fully and accurately represented.

  2. Interactive Tags: HomeTagz offers four different types of tags (Features, Information, Disclosures, Items For Sale) to which text descriptions, attachments and photos or videos can be included. Everything and anything can be tagged and there is no storage limit. This can help save time by answering buyers questions directly. In addition, as questions come up once the listing is live, you can modify the listing to add tags to respond to these questions directly.

  3. Documents: HomeTagz has unlimited storage to add documents. Blueprints, upgrades, repair receipts – the sky’s the limit. Including as much relevant information about the home as possible will create a sense of transparency. In turn, buyers will feel encouraged to submit their strongest offers as to not miss out on the great opportunity.
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