Help Your Seller Get Top Value For Their Home

Help Your Seller Get Top Value For Their Home

Use HomeTagz to make their listing stand out

The intensity of the housing market over the past two years has created a wealth of opportunity. Buyer demand is exceeding the supply of available homes and interest rates remain low, creating rising home values. In their latest Homeowner Equity Insights, CoreLogic shared that, “the average homeowner’s equity has grown by $55,300 over the last 12 months.” Despite having the option to sell and walk away with a significant profit, many homeowners who would be interested in selling in the short-term, are stuck and doubting what they should do next. HomeTagz can help you demonstrate to your clients why they should seize the great opportunity at hand and list their home with you to get the top value.

  1. Build Sellers Confidence: HomeTagz is a great way to show your sellers them that you understand their needs, can best help them reach their goals and receive top value for their home. During your listing appointment, set up your seller’s HomeTagz listing together. Then encourage your seller to tag and provide more information the best features of their home. Then, their listing goes “live,” your seller will know without a doubt that their home is fully represented.

  2. Create Transparency: In a market where multiple offers are now the norm, it’s easy for details to get lost in the shuffle. Furthermore, in a multiple offer situation, listing agents are likely to get overwhelmed with calls, texts and emails from other agents. A complete HomeTagz listing will help inform buyers and their agents. It should also help cut down on the number of questions and create a better experience for all parties involved.

  3. Attract The Strongest Offers: A thorough HomeTagz listing will help your listing reach the largest pool of interested buyers. In addition, buyers will feel empowered that they are fully informed which could lead to better offers.
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