Transform Your Listings

HomeTagz Transform Your Listings

Use HomeTagz to create listings sellers will love and buyer will remember

HomeTagz is the best technology on the market to transform standard real estate listings into a dynamic and engaging virtual experiences. This powerful tool helps real estate agents highlight a home’s features in vivid detail. Which communicates the true value of the property and creates excitement. HomeTagz sets a tone of transparency and trust right between the agent, sellers, buyers and even inspectors and appraisers later on.

These are the top three ways HomeTagz will transform your listings:

  1. Tags
    HomeTagz is easy to use. Just upload your listing photos and click to add dynamic tags. Then, within each tag addition information such as photos, documents, links can be added. Best of all, anything can be tagged, from Features to Information to Disclosures to Items for sale inside the home. Finally, it’s not just up to the listing agent to add tags, sellers and office staff can be granted access to help add information to listings.

  2. Custom QR Codes
    Another powerful tool included with HomeTagz is the ability to generate custom QR codes or permalinks. This makes it easy for buyers to scan (or click) and learn more about your listing. Use your QR codes or permalinks inside a listing to replace printed marketing materials, outside a property on listing signs – anywhere you would like.

  3. Detailed Analytics
    Wondering which of your marketing efforts is producing results? With HomeTagz it’s easy to create different links and track where buyers are seeing your listing and adjust your strategy accordingly.

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