Improve the process of purchasing a property

Improve The Process of Purchasing A Property With HomeTagz

Use HomeTagz™ for a better experience

When purchasing a property, big problems often stem from misunderstandings or poor communication. HomeTagz™ can help alleviate these issues from the start and create a smoother real estate transaction for everyone involved.

Three ways in which HomeTagz™ can improve the process of purchasing a property:

  1. Disclose any issues at the time of listing
    In addition to providing a sales disclosure, which is a requirement in almost every state, HomeTagz™ makes it easy for sellers to visually indicate any disclosures. Simply use tags right on the listing pictures and upload proof of invoice or repairs to maximize transparency for all parties involved.

  2. Utilize real time feedback
    After showings up until closing, buyers can leave feedback directly though HomeTagz™. This makes it simple and easy for agents to share feedback with their sellers. It also creates a single point of communication for all parties, eliminating lengthy and confusing email threads.

  3. Listing can be shared with all parties
    A thorough HomeTagz™ listing is an excellent tool in attracting the largest pool of potential buyers but it is also a powerful resource which can be shared with appraisers and inspectors. The seller only needs to upload information and attachments one time saving time and frustration for all parties. HomeTagz™ makes the process simpler than ever when purchasing a property.

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