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HomeTagz™ keeps distracting content away, and only displays contextual add-ons during the home tour. Tags can be assigned for appliance age, paint colors, remodel details, material type, warranty info, and so much more! This simple and intuitive mobile tool displays every tag with a simple tap.

Engage buyers with HomeTagz™

Frustrated by MLS character and file limits? HomeTagz™ ensures that every detail is easily accessible, engaging, and fun for buyers. Reduce questions and build a more confident buyer.









Property Details Matter

Imagine a world where real estate is transparent.

Whether you’re buying or selling a residential home, commercial building, industrial site, or land, the details matter. In fact, it’s the details of the property that can make or break the sale.

With the Hometagz easy-to-use software, real estate agents can better represent their sellers property by tagging all its details. This tool lets potential buyers focus on all the highlights that matter. It ultimately shows the full value of the property so that everyone gets the best deal.

Enhance your property listing with HomeTagz!

View an Example HomeTagz™ Property Now!

Point the camera on your phone over this QR code to view an example HomeTagz™ property. Take a virtual tour yourself and see all the useful features just as your buyer would see them. There's unlimited space to add a welcome video, video tours, photos, documents. and more! You can tag unlimited items throughout the property to give buyers all the details they want to know.

Inform Homebuyers

The Power to Share Every Detail About a Property

The HomeTagz™ platform allows everyone involved in any real estate transaction to easily share and view detailed information about a property.

Brokers and agents add property photos and tag all of the details they want to highlight. They then share a unique QR code to their HomeTagz™ property to share with buyers so they can view the tags.

Add context to property

Tag Everything in a Home that Buyers Want to Know

It's common for buyers to have very specific questions about a property's assets. With HomeTagz™, agents and sellers can share property details far beyond what’s available in any MLS listing.

HomeTagz™ keeps distracting content away, and only displays contextual add-ons during the home tour. Tags can be assigned for appliance age, paint colors, remodel details, material type, warranty info, and so much more! This simple and intuitive mobile tool displays every tag with a simple tap.


Home Sales with Trusted Value in Every Transaction

How a home is presented is critical to selling it. Buyers are more confident when they can make informed buying decisions.

Tagged details draw buyers attention to what's important so they can understand the full value of the property. When buyers view a HomeTagz property all of the features, information, disclosures, and items for sale are at their fingertips. Tags build value in properties that is trusted. That added value will excite and motivate buyers to purchase.

Simple. Straight-Forward. Non-Distracting.

Keep homebuyers focused on what really matters.

The process of homebuying and selling can be an emotional journey. Buyers and sellers want the best price possible. The details that matter about a home can get lost in translation. HomeTagz lets realtors display the details of what buyers should be focused on. The future of real estate is becoming full transparency through this digital tool!
Tag Anything

With color coded tags, agents can tag a home’s features, information, disclosures, and items for sale. Invite sellers to collaborate by adding more tags and details.

Build Value

Fill the gaps, excite, and educate buyers about the property. Add context while buyers are forming an opinion so they can understand the value.

Gain Trust

Tagging details that matter show transparency in the property. Trust between homebuyers and sellers makes for smoother transactions.

Simplify Homebuying

A mobile tool that’s easy to use simplifies the homebuying experience. Potential buyers gain instant access by scanning a property-specific QR code.

Have Fun

Tapping on tags gets buyers excited about what the property has to offer. Viewings are more enjoyable because the home tour becomes even more engaging.

Instant Feedback

Agents and sellers can get real-time feedback from buyers on their property. Buyers can add a property to their favorites to view again later.

What Customers Are Saying

Real estate agents, sellers, and homebuyers love using HomeTagz™ because it adds so much value to the entire experience of buying and selling a home.

"Amazing tool for listing agents and buyer agents as well as consumers! Highlights everything you want to highlight without the restrictions of limited characters. Also tracks analytics, and interactive so users can browse as they want to (not like a virtual tour wants you to!) So excited to have this tool in my tool belt. Clients love!!
👍 💯 🌟 🏆
Well done, HomeTagz™!!"
Website Testimonial Photo_Angie Guard
Angie Garard
Real Estate Agent
“HomeTagz™ has been a game changer for our business! Having the ability to leverage the technology and create complete transparency between buyer, seller, and agents has resulted in a win/win for everyone! HomeTagz™ is the future of digital marketing for the real estate industry!”
Josh Monteith
Joshua Monteith
Real Estate Broker/Owner
“I’ve been a Realtor for 15 years and have never seen a marketing product that could supply an experience to buyers as they walk through the home! Not only does it allow the seller to take a virtual tour with buyer, but the massive disclosure of info eliminates a lot of questions that agents usually have to figure out. ...This is one piece of tech I want in my arsenal moving forward in real estate!”
Kory Seitz
Kory Seitz
Real Estate Agent

HomeTagz™ is Trusted by Brokers.​

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Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to help. If you're already using HomeTagz, please use our helpful video resources for turtorials on all its features.

HomeTagz™ doesn’t just help you engage and excite buyers, potentially resulting in a quicker sale. It builds stronger deals with greater transparency. Consumers today are accustomed to instant information. Better information upfront will result in a more confident buyer.

No. HomeTagz™ can be used as a personal journal of your home renovations, improvements, and keeping track of maintenance. If you ever decide to sell, you can easily make that information available to buyers.

HomeTagz™ provides robust analytics, letting you see exactly how your listing is performing. See QR Code scans, views, who favorited the listing, and where buyers are coming from.

Yes. HomeTagz™ can benefit any residential, commercial, or vacant land property for sale or for lease. Any property type which has additional information you want to be seen by buyers.

Depending on the home size and content to tag, a listing can be done in as little as 30 minutes. We urge you to add your sellers as collaborators, allowing them to upload content and tag interesting facts with you.

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